Tired of eating too little and feeling unsatisfied?  Can’t you just eat and enjoy your favorite food without necessarily gaining unwanted pounds?  Let’s see what health experts have to say.

Follow a sequence

Eat the right food in the right order.  This right sequence will guarantee you a full stomach without overeating.  Eat veggies first as they contain the most dietary fiber.  Include mushrooms and seaweeds if readily available.  Next in line is a protein like fish and lean cuts of meat.  Next, consume carbs such as rice, bread, or noodles.

Soup will give you a sense of fullness.  Follow this meal with fiber-rich foods which will soak up liquids in your gut.  This will make you feel even fuller.

Concentrate on chewing food

When you chew your food properly and slowly, you also temper your appetite and thus reduce your food intake.  Spending more minutes chewing every bite before swallowing it is all that’s needed.  If you are able to do this every time you eat, you lower your glucose level, increase your body’s histamine, and eventually control your hunger for more food.

At the same time, try to eat pleasurably, taking slow bites.  Those who are habitually eating fast have a tendency to gain weight.  They aren’t giving their bodies enough time to adapt to taking food, making them eat more than they should.

Eat three times a day

If your diet plan instructs you to eat too little, you are bound to fail.  It’s going to take a toll on your health.  Your metabolism will slow down  and you end up forever switching to another plan that works.

Eating once a day will only lead you to look for more.  Stick to eating three times a day but avoid taking snacks late in the evenings.  Eating at night when you are about to sleep will only boost fat in the wrong places.

Consuming food later in the evenings, the protein BMAL1 in your body is spiked.

BMAL1 in the body is at its highest between the hours of 10pm and 2am.  Within this time frame, your metabolism slows down.  Extra energy in the form of fat is stored in your body.

If your lifestyle requires you to eat late at night, ensure that you do this three hours before you retire to bed.

Concentrate on eating first

Avoid doing something else while eating.  Even watching TV, reading, or playing a game on your cell phone is a big no.  This is because you tend to forget how to eat right.  Your attention is divided when you multitask.  Also, you tend to hurry up chewing your food.

The fact is that when eating, you need undivided attention, concentrating on eating right. That entails slowly chewing your food spending more time eating to get full eating less.

These are suggestions and tips that you can start doing today.  Enjoy eating healthy, satisfying food without gaining weight especially this season.