Checklist: 5 yummy snack that you can enjoy on a low carb or keto diet

Eating snacks while you are on a diet may seem unhealthy, but it is not. You simply have to choose snacks that are healthy and fit within the area of your diet. For instance, if you are on a low carb or keto diet you would not be able to enjoy chips or marshmallow but there are plenty of snacks that you can eat. Snacks are enjoyed by people of all ages and help give us added nutrition. Choosing snacks that are healthy and provide nutritional benefits to your health and wellbeing is essential. Here are some of the best and most delicious snacks that you can enjoy on a low carb or keto diet.

#1) FatSnax

One of the most popular brands of snacks for people on a low carb and keto diet is the FatSnax brand. This brand of food offers a variety of different cookies to help curve any craving that you may have. This company produces a wide variety of cookies that are perfectly baked and sugar-free. You can enjoy a snack without having to add all the extra carbs and sugars that are unhealthy for our bodies.

#2) Deviled Eggs

Another great snack that you can enjoy if you are on a low carb or keto diet is deviled eggs. These are classic food that many people choose to enjoy for snacks or as part of their meal. They are very high in protein and do not include any added sugars or carbs. They are ideal if you are looking for a quick and simple snack that you can make yourself.

Here’s a quick recipe:

#3) Dark Chocolate and Cashew Butter

If you have a sweet tooth and are craving chocolate you can choose to indulge in a piece of dark chocolate. Coating your chocolate with cashew butter is a great way to increase the nutritional value of the food you are eating. This cashew butter also helps provide your body with added protein.

#4) Homemade Trail Mix

A great way to enjoy a variety of different snacks at once is to make your trail mix. You can choose to add a variety of different foods to this trail mix that all fits within the limits of your diet. Traditional store-bought trail mix may include a lot of sugar so making your own is a great alternative. You can choose to add a variety of nuts, dark chocolate pieces, low carb fruits, and even dried vegetables. You can create any combination of mix you want and enjoy it throughout the day.

These great snacks can all help you curve your craving and stay on your diet. These four snacks are some of the best and most delicious snacks you can enjoy on a low carb and keto diet.


The Benefits of Hiring an Elderly Care Companion for your Loved One

Hiring in-home elderly companion services for your loved one is an important decision that should be made very carefully. Your loved one has specific needs so it’s imperative to find a companion that can accommodate those needs. There are many different types of companions or caregivers to choose from. No matter which type of companion you choose they all will be able to give much relief to family members that are carrying the load themselves. A companion will enhance the quality of life of the elderly person they are taking care of tremendously. Below are just a few of the many benefits of hiring a companion or caretaker for your loved one.

Supports Independent Living and Provides Peace of Mind for Family Members

Many times as they age, our elderly family members start to struggle with doing things independently. However, this does not mean they need to lose their independence completely. An elderly care companion comes along side and gives just the right amount of help needed while letting your loved one still maintain their independence. A companion also provides great peace of mind for concerned family members. You no longer have to worry that your loved one is alone when they have a daily companion.

Enhance Quality of Life and Oversees Daily Life and Habits

An care companion for the elderly is just that, a companion. They are someone your loved one can talk to, spend time with, and do fun things with. Too much solitude is not good for anyone, a companion provides a much needed social outlet. Life is more enjoyable when you have someone to spend time with and talk to. A companion that is there daily is able to oversee the daily life and habits of your loved one. They will get to know your loved one’s routine and also will be the first one to notice if something is off or has changed. Sometimes changes are subtle and hard to notice if there isn’t someone watching daily. A companion can watch for changes in your loved one such as memory loss, mood changes, and lack of appetite which may indicate a larger issue.

Provides Safe Transport and Helps With Household Chores and Cooking

By the time a loved one is in need of a companion or caregiver they typically do not drive anymore. A companion can take them safely to and from where they need to be whether it’s simply to the store or to a much needed doctor’s appointment. A companion will help with light household chores and cooking as well. Household chores can become hard tasks to accomplish for some aging adults. Illness and mobility issues may make it difficult to clean or cook. A companion’s daily help with these tasks is necessary in these circumstances and is a huge benefit.


How to Build Muscle and Lose Weight Simultaneously

Burning body fat and losing weight can be a challenge for many of us; this can become even more difficult when still trying to gain muscle mass, but it doesn’t have to be. There are easy and foolproof ways to cut down on your waist size, while still increasing muscle growth, to become a healthier and happier person. Below are some of the top things you can do to gain strength while still cutting body fat.


  1. Consume the Appropriate Food Groups

A diet for muscle gain and fat loss is essential. Eating the correct amounts of grains, fruits, vegetables, and proteins can make a huge difference as to how your body responds to your meals. Cutting out fat entirely doesn’t necessarily help you build muscle; when your body has no fat reserves, it turns to your muscle mass for energy. This is not only unhealthy; it makes building up strength almost impossible. By having the appropriate amount of each food group, you can maintain the percentages of fats and proteins that you need, letting your body build muscle, while still burning fat cells.


  1. Exercise Frequently

Daily exercise helps reduce any excess fat deposits or unhealthy materials your body accumulated the day before. It not only helps burn the calories of your previous meals; it also helps you to remain fresh and alert the rest of the day, and lets your body use the materials that you consume for the remainder of the day to stimulate muscle growth, and not just fat deposits.


  1. Eat at the Right Times

Instead of snacking, eating 3 meals a day helps regulate your body functions and systems, and helps it know when to burn or store deposits of energy. It provides you with healthier internal functions and helps to regulate your diet and daily routine more efficiently.


  1. Stick to Medium Sets and Reps When Exercising

While lower workout repetitions help build muscle growth, higher reps burn calories and fat. Therefore, it’s best to keep to a median number of sets and reps for each exercise you do, giving your systems the ability to develop muscle, while still consuming energy and fatty deposits when you exercise. The appropriate amount of sets varies between around 2 to 5, and the appropriate amount of reps is no less than 5, and no more than 12.


Building muscle while still losing excess weight does not have to be a challenge, with the appropriate diet and exercise regimens. Along with this, those two goals can also help compliment each other, and give you more regulated and controlled internal bodily functions. By maintaining appropriate amount of nutrients and exercising correctly, your body can build muscle mass and burn fat simultaneously, providing you with a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Using Intermittent Fasting to Burn Fat and Conserve Muscle

Intermittent fasting (reference to: eat stop eat review) largely works because people who do this typically eat fewer calories. A 2014 study determined that intermittent fasting could reduce body fat by up to eight percent across several months. Some studies have also found that intermittent fasting can prevent chronic diseases. You don’t necessarily need to count calories, but restricting daily caloric intake may enhance weight loss.


Using Intermittent Fasting to Lose Weight

The major reason intermittent fasting is popular is because it’s easy. Many people usually feel full all day if they eat one very large meal in the afternoon or at night. Some theorize that our hunter-gatherer ancestors only ate when food was available, so our bodies are naturally adapted to go a day or two without food. Intermittent fasting typically involves eating one big meal at the end of the day, but some variations of the diet exist. The “eat-stop-eat” method involves fasting for two 24-hour periods and eating normally the rest of the week. Fasting for just 24 hours can alter your body’s hormone levels. Insulin in the bloodstream decreases, and this causes the body to burn fat. Human growth hormone levels may also increase when a person starts a fast. These help the body burn fat and build muscle. This may explain why people who engage in intermittent fasting typically retain more muscle while dieting.


Intermittent Fasting May Allow Dieters to Retain Muscle Mass

The body becomes catabolic when a person goes on a diet. Biological processes start breaking down tissue to fuel the chemical conversions necessary to sustain life. This is the major reason our bodies store fat, but the body will also consume muscle tissue in the process. Studies have shown that intermittent fasting appears to help dieters conserve muscle mass. A study at the University of Illinois determined that intermittent fasting was more effective than normal dieting for lean mass retention. Dieters using intermittent fasting retained 15% more muscle mass than dieters who consumed regular low calorie diets. There were some limitations to this study, but the results appear very promising.


Creating an Ideal Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan

People love the idea of intermittent fasting because the variety of foods a person can eat is limitless. You may still want to include a few things to ensure you’re getting proper nutrition. Protein is very important because your body may break down muscle tissue if you aren’t getting adequate amounts. The average sedentary person only needs about 50 grams of protein, so about one cup of chopped meat will suffice. Fiber is also very important. It’s a good idea to eat until you are full. Eating a wide variety of foods in each big meal will ensure you’re getting the right amounts of nutrients. You may also want to take a multivitamin with each meal.


Make sure to also check out this incredible TED talk on Intermittent Fasting and it’s vast benefits:

The 3 Top Infestations That Require Pest Control Companies

Pest control companies have the ability to help you minimize a lot of the issues that are occurring inside of your home. It doesn’t matter how new your home is. There is always a possibility that a different type of bug can invade your home. Three of the most common types are found below.


It is a dreadful sight to see, but the roach tends to invade a lot of different homes where pest control services are not put to use. These roaches are small and brown, and it seems like they multiply at a rapid pace. There are also some roaches that are big and brown. Some of these roaches can have wings. It becomes very difficult to prevent these roaches from invading the home if there is no pest control service in place.

People that fail to get their home treated for pests will find these roaches getting into cabinets and any areas where there are water sources. These roaches will come in and hideout under sinks because this is where they are able to get a constant water source.


When one ant finds a way into the home it becomes a springboard for an army of ants to take over. The ant tends to be difficult to get rid of without pest control services because the ants do not need a large entry space. They can come through cabinets and crawl under doors. They have the ability to pick up crumbs and start a trail that leads to what seems like a never-ending army of ants. People buy bug spray all the time and they make attempts to kill the ants that they can see. What they fail to realize is that the ants that are inside the walls that they cannot see are the real troublemakers. These ants can come out time after time and wreak havoc. They can enter cabinets and ruin food sources in the home. This can really make it a nightmare to live inside of the home. You can find yourself in a place where you are constantly dealing with these pests that will even get into areas where there is no food.


Another pest that does not need a lot of room to enter the home is the spider. It is hard to get rid of spiders because they have so many different places to hide. These spiders tend to come into a variation of spaces and build spider webs. People that do not clean their homes regularly may see these cobwebs that start to form. It is a good idea to consider a rodent pest control Maroubra company that can help prevent this type of pests from coming into the home. It is one of the most common types of pest that can be seen, but this pest can be controlled if you acquire the right pest control companies.

5 Things that you should get checked out on your next health checkup.

If you will be having your annual health checkup or hälsokontroll sometime this year, there are five things you should make sure you get checked out. Not just this year, but every year.


Your cholesterol — One of the things that can be an indicator of both current and future health problems is your cholesterol. This is especially important for anyone over the age of 45 as cholesterol often increases with age.

Make sure you ask for both cholesterol and triglyceride blood tests the next time you have a health checkup. Both tests will give the doctor valuable information about your health.


Your cardiovascular health — While anyone can have heart problems at any age, they do tend to occur more often over the age of 35.

This is why it is important to have BMI measurements taken, an EKG done at least once every couple of years and a urine protein and albumin test carried out. If you are at high risk for heart problems, you should have these tests carried out more often.


A diabetes check — It is important to have your fasting blood sugar checked as this will give your doctor an indication about the possibility of you developing diabetes.

This is particularly important for anyone over the age of 40.


An osteoporosis check — Osteoporosis is prevalent in older populations, but can develop even in people in their 20s and 30s.

Be sure to have a scan to measure your bone density as this will give your doctor a good idea about your risk for bone fractures long-term.


Skin cancer — Skin cancer is so common nowadays, everybody should be checked for it at every health checkup.

This can easily be done with a quick skin check by your doctor, and follow up treatment if he or she notice and pre-cancerous growths.



Why are white teeth so popular among young adults and teenagers?

Having white teeth is something many young adults and teenagers think is necessary. So much so they either go to a dentist to have their teeth whitened, or they whiten them at home themselves with whitening products like Tandblekning Hemma.

Why are white teeth so popular among young adults and teenagers, and should you consider having your teeth whitened as well?


White teeth look healthier — While white teeth may not actually be any healthier than teeth with a yellow tinge, many people consider them to be healthier.

That is why so many young people have their teeth whitened as they want others to think they have excellent health.


Yellow teeth are considered to be low class — While this is not true either, many younger people consider those that have yellow teeth to be of a lower social class than those that do not. Some older people also believe the same thing.

That is why, when young adults and teenagers are looking for jobs, applying to universities or doing anything else where their social level may be judged, getting their teeth whitened is deemed as important.

Considering quite a large number of people do think those from lower social classes have worse looking teeth than those from higher social classes, getting your teeth whitened could be beneficial if it could affect your ability to get a job.


Companies are marketing to teens and young adults — As many teens and young adults have more disposable income than those that are older, some teeth whitening products companies and dental surgeries are marketing teeth whitening to them.

As many people do believe what advertisers tell them, they will rush out to buy teeth whitening products if they believe they will make them look healthier, richer or smarter.

As to whether you should have your own teeth whitened, that is entirely up to you. Just know, while whitening your teeth definitely makes them look better, it certainly does not make them any healthier.

Top 5 Health Benefits of CBD

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, known as CBD for short, is one of those most well known cannabinoids found in the cannabis or marijuana plant. It has become more popular in the last year or so for being a natural remedy for common ailments. Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is a psychoactive cannabinoid also found in cannabis that is very common and some people may get confused with CBD. But, unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive and you do not get that same feeling of being “high” that is more often then not, associated with marijuana. This makes CBD attractive for those that want the health remedies, but not the effects of marijuana or other pharmaceutical drugs that may affect the mind or give them that “high” feeling. CBD is made from extracting CBD from the plant, then diluting it with an oil such as hemp seed or coconut oil.

Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Pain Relief

The most common benefit of CBD is pain relief and marijuana has been used to treat pain for centuries. In recent news, scientists and researchers have discovered CBD as a component of marijuana that is responsible for the pain-relieving effect. Studies have shown that CBD reduces chronic pain by impacting endocannabinoid receptor activity, this reduces inflammation and interaction with neurotransmitters.

Reduce Anxiety and Depression

CBD oil has shown promise as a treatment for both anxiety and depression. In one study, over 2 people with social anxiety disorder received either 600 mg of CBD or a placebo before a public speaking test. The group that took CBD had less cognitive impairment, less anxiety, and less discomfort with their speech performance compared to the other group.

Alleviate Cancer-Related Symptoms

Cancer patients smoking marijuana is something most people have witnessed if not in real life, but in movies and TV shows. CBD can significantly help reduce the symptoms related to cancer side effects related to the treatments like nausea, vomiting, and pain.

May Reduce Acne

CBD can help treat acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to reduce sebum production. A test found that CBD oil prevented sebaceous gland cells from secreting excess sebum, and prevented the activation of “pro-acne” agents.

Neuroprotective Properties

Some studies have shown that CBD’s ability to act on the endocannabinoid system and other brain signaling systems may provide benefits for those with neurological disorders. For example, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. Sativex, which is an oral spray consisting of CBD and THC, has been proven to be effective and safe to reduce muscle spasms in people with multiple sclerosis. A study found that the spray reduced spasms in 75% of 276 people with multiple sclerosis who were experiencing some sort of muscle spasms and were resisting medications. Another study was given to 214 people with severe cases of epilepsy .9-2.3 grams of CBD oil per pound of body weight and it reduced their seizures by a median of 36.5%.



Is the Keto Diet Healthy?

Keto Diet

The keto diet has become popular over the last few years because of its endless benefits. This diet involves the consumption of huge amounts of fats and very low amounts of carbohydrates. The number of carbohydrates consumed in a day should not surpass 25 grams and should be above 20 grams. Protein can also be consumed but not on high amounts because they can quickly add up and digested into glucose in the body. The main concentration is on fat, and one should eat foods like avocado, avocado oil, olive oil, butter, cheese, fish, eggs and olive oil. Foods like sugars and fruits are highly frowned upon on the keto diet because they add up the amount of starch in the body.

Keto withdrawals

If the body is used to a high amount of carb intake each day and this is greatly reduced, one will suffer from keto withdrawals. Keto withdrawals can be defined as having carb withdrawals which take a toll on one’s immune system. It is the changes that the body goes through as it tries to switch from burning carbs to burning fats. Remember the body burns carbohydrates as a source of fuel. Once the body is deprived of this because of the keto diet, the body has to look for another fuel source. Through this process, one will experience withdrawal symptoms such as dizziness, stomach cramps, headaches, nausea, and irritability. There is a great guide that can help with that, the 14 days keto challenge – go check it out.

In some cases, some people vomit while trying to maintain a ketogenic diet. Vomiting may be a sign that one needs to stop the diet or reduce the number of carbs slowly instead of drastically. Staying on the keto diet is therefore hard especially if one was used to consuming carbs daily. Carbohydrates are filling and ensure that one is satisfied for long periods while a keto diet is not as filling. At first, people take time to adjust to the diet because it does not fill them as carbs do. One finds themselves looking for snacks in between to satisfy their hunger. It is easy to stray back to carbs at this point because one feels hungry quickly.

Maintaining a keto diet

It is possible to avoid keto withdrawals while on the keto diet. While it is difficult to maintain a keto diet, it is still possible to achieve it with the following guidelines. First, do not reduce the number of carbs drastically. Begin with small amounts and continue increasing the amounts as the weeks go by. Second, drink a lot of water as it helps with the keto withdrawals. Being dehydrated will only make the symptoms worse. Third, ensure the calorie intake does not reduce by eating more healthy fats and avoiding processed or refined fats. Fourth, get enough electrolytes from salt, magnesium, and sodium. Lastly, exercise gently to help in metabolism. If the above steps are followed transitioning to the keto diet will not be as hard and maintain it will be easy. Ask for advice from a professional if the keto diet is difficult to maintain.

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Weight Loss is a journey

Worldwide Obesity is a major problem. A multitude of Weight loss plans promise quick results but, unfortunately, they do not always deliver. The million dollar question is, how to lose weight correctly. Proper Weight loss should to be viewed for the long term. Quick fixes do not last and could actually cause your body more harm than good.

Here are 5 Tips for losing weight.

1. Get Organized. I suggest, before beginning a new weight loss plan, take a few days of jotting down everything you eat and drink throughout the day. This will allow you to analyze your current food intake and make the necessary changes based on facts.

2. Increase Water Intake. How much water should you drink? Well, that is up for debate. Some health professionals say drink 8 glasses of water a day while other say 1 gallon a day. The common denominator is that additional water in your diet is the key. Why is water so important? Water aides digestion. It encourages the food to move through the gut and to breakdown.

3. Eliminate Sugar. All sugars regardless of whether they are white, brown, turbinado or honey elevate blood sugar. Healthier sugars such as honey and turbinado while they may have health benefits because they are not stripped of all nutrients like white sugars, but they should be consumed only in moderation. Sugar tends to be eaten in great quantities today and eating too much sugar throws off your bodies natural chemical balances.

4. Eat Raw. Most people eat cooked food. A raw diet to many may seem drastic. A raw diet will make more sense if we meditation on what the planet produces and what animals consume. When we cook foods the nutrients are destroyed or reduced by way of heating and or boiling. Make an effort to include several raw foods in your daily meal intake.

5. Reduce Meals and Reduce Portion sizes. After a large meal, most people are tired and need a nap. This is because our bodies have to work hard to break down the food. Eating smaller portions helps alleviate the stress a large meal puts on your digestive system. Spacing out meal times can be beneficial. There is good reason that Fasting has been practiced since the beginning of time. Fasting, similar to when we sleep and do not eat, gives the body rest. It frees it up from processing food. The body will work more efficiently when our meal portions are smaller. Supplements (Caffeine, Phen Q, etc.) can potentially help too, you can check out MairaNutrition for that.

A word of caution consult your doctor before beginning any new routine that can affect your health. Your doctor will be in the best position to provide meal plan advice since he is aware of your current health status. Approach weight loss as a journey and not a quick fix.

For more tips, simply visit youtube and you find incredibly helpful videos like this one from AthleanX: