Why are white teeth so popular among young adults and teenagers?

Having white teeth is something many young adults and teenagers think is necessary. So much so they either go to a dentist to have their teeth whitened, or they whiten them at home themselves with whitening products like Tandblekning Hemma.

Why are white teeth so popular among young adults and teenagers, and should you consider having your teeth whitened as well?


White teeth look healthier — While white teeth may not actually be any healthier than teeth with a yellow tinge, many people consider them to be healthier.

That is why so many young people have their teeth whitened as they want others to think they have excellent health.


Yellow teeth are considered to be low class — While this is not true either, many younger people consider those that have yellow teeth to be of a lower social class than those that do not. Some older people also believe the same thing.

That is why, when young adults and teenagers are looking for jobs, applying to universities or doing anything else where their social level may be judged, getting their teeth whitened is deemed as important.

Considering quite a large number of people do think those from lower social classes have worse looking teeth than those from higher social classes, getting your teeth whitened could be beneficial if it could affect your ability to get a job.


Companies are marketing to teens and young adults — As many teens and young adults have more disposable income than those that are older, some teeth whitening products companies and dental surgeries are marketing teeth whitening to them.

As many people do believe what advertisers tell them, they will rush out to buy teeth whitening products if they believe they will make them look healthier, richer or smarter.

As to whether you should have your own teeth whitened, that is entirely up to you. Just know, while whitening your teeth definitely makes them look better, it certainly does not make them any healthier.